Wooden Easter Eggs (Pysanky) reflect
this joyous season and Slavic heritage.  
Imported from the Ukraine, Stará &
Mladá is pleased to offer these uniquely
complex and hand-painted wooden Easter
Eggs for your enjoyment.  They are truly
wonderful examples of Slavic Folk Art.
The sharing of the “Oplatek” or
Christmas wafer is a popular Eastern
European custom on Christmas Eve.  For
Americans of Slavic descent, the
“Oplatek” represents a reverent tie to the
“Old Country”  and signifies a sign of
unity with all members of the family and
friends.  Even absent members of the
family receive an “Oplatek” by mail as a
sign of their solidarity with their loved
ones at home.

We offer a multi-colored six-pack of Oplatki in
either a religious or secular envelope.
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Stará & Mladá 2010
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                                                                 The traditions continue........
An Old World Tradition from Our Ancestors
Wooden Easter Eggs
An Old World Tradition from Our Ancestors